Textiles and plastics are wonderful materials, but not necessarily resistant to everything. Indoor and outdoor ageing conditions are completely different. Outdoors, a material must  withstand weather, wind and sun. And let the sun be the very thing that has a serious impact on plastics!

The western lifestyle focuses on outdoors, which the recent pandemic has only reinforced. In this breakfast session you will learn how to test materials on their resistance to outdoor conditions and how to make them cope better with (sunlight) aging.


Outdoor – the essentials

Sander De Vrieze reviews all standards relevant to testing and interpreting outdoor textiles.

Sander De Vrieze

Factors influencing the performance of HALS - Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers

In this presentation the different HALS will be highlighted and the specific features of these different HALS will be explained.
The what and why HALS to use will be elaborated at the hand of numerous examples.
At the end of the lecture also a vademecum will be given of what HALS to be used in case of shortage of specific HALS additives.
Roberto is the leading authority on improving the light stability of polymers. More than 35 years of experience at companies such as DSM, Ciba, Sabo.

Roberto Todesco

Sun protection factor of coatings

There is a growing awareness of the negative impacts of harmful UV-radiation coming from the sun. The demand for UV-protective fashion items and textiles is therefore trending. This presentation offers an overview of different ways of how a textile can provide protection against UV and illustrates how UV protection factors (UPF) can be measured at Centexbel.

Brecht Demedts

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