Antimicrobiële en antivirale coatings: types, applicatiemogelijkheden en aandachtspunten

Keynote door EVONIK — Dr. Simone Schulte 

Which antimicrobial coatings can be successfully introduced on applications in the market?
Different materials have an antimicrobial effect on harmful bacteria or viruses that can be found in a medical environment. 
As in many cases, there is no unique solution that works at the highest efficiency level for all types of bacteria or viruses. Depending on the material, a specific application technique or activation is required.
And given a certain application, not all antimicrobial materials are suited. If not all aspects are well-tuned and well-designed, it could turn out that the coating in the application has no effect at all.
We will give an overview of the existing types of antimicrobial materials, of how they work and how they are applied. We will also give a survey of the attention points to keep in mind when choosing a material for a specific application and how to make sure that, in the end, you will have a product that is functional for the required time.


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