Duratex is an Interreg V France-Wallonia-Flanders project looking for repellents and biobased biocides. The event addresses the legislation on biocides and the development of biobased antibacterial for textiles.

All presentations are in English.

  • 9:30 “Interreg” Presentation
    (Interreg team France-Wallonia-Flanders) 
  • 9:40 GoToS3, a cross-border ecosystem for innovation
    (Hélène Caille, Hauts-De-France Innovation Développement) 
  • 10:00 The Duratex Project
    (David De Smet, Centexbel) 
  • 10:15 Use of natural biocides via the extrusion-spinning process for the development of antibacterial synthetic multifilaments
    (Aurélie Cayla, Ensait and Guillaume Cambronne, CETI)
  • 10:45 Functionalisation of tissues using biobased antibacterial agents
    (Nemeshwaree Behary, Ensait and David De Smet, Centexbel) 
  • 11:15 Fresh comfort with Devan’s odour control technologies
    (Vanessa Daelman, Devan Chemicals)
  • 11:45 Regulation regarding biocide
    (Erik Wuyts, Centexbel)