Duratex is an Interreg V France-Wallonia-Flanders project looking for eco-friendly water and oil repellent textiles. The event addresses the legislation on PFC and the development of fluorine-free repellents. The programme includes an interactive session to discuss the challenges and opportunities of using repellents complying to REACH. All presentations are in English.

9:30       Interreg presentation (Interreg FWVL team)
9:40       GoToS3, a cross-border ecosystem for innovation (Wouter Baekelant, POM West-Vlaanderen)
10:00     The Duratex project (David De Smet, Centexbel)
10:15     Update on policy and legislative developments concerning PFAS (Katarina Pirselova, European Commission)
10:45     Transition to fluorine-free repellents (Leonardus Doelen, 3M)
11:15     Development of a hydrophobic formulation (Benoît Kartheuser, Certech)
11:45     Playing with fabric roughness to improve water repellency (Alain Jonas, UCLouvain)