Energy and climate are important topics in current policy making. There is a strong focus on "green energy carriers" and phasing out fossil-based energy sources. In this context, Centexbel is organizing a "Masterclass on energy & climate". This masterclass completes the VME session on "Energy and Climate" that takes place in the morning.

In the morning session we look at the policy vision on "sustainable energy consumption" and the associated development on the legislative side as well as the steps that industry can take in the context of "CO2 neutrality". The afternoon session focuses more on the technological possibilities.


Morning session: 08:30 – 12:00

Current energy legislation is being changed. These changes include a change in the definition for energy-intensive companies & additional obligations for non-energy-intensive companies.

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In the context of policy implementation, VLAIO conducted a study about the possibilities of “obtaining a green heat demand” within the non-ETS industry in Flanders 

  • As a result of this study, various technologies were proposed to meet the heat demand. 
  • In addition, there are financial incentives, such as the "Sector Federation Agreement".

Bart De Caesemaeker (VLAIO)

Climate neutrality will become a central concept in future business operations. But how exactly should we see this? What steps should we take as a company to achieve climate neutrality?

Iza Kielichowska (VITO)  

Afternoon 13:00 – 16:30

Energy-efficient production machines for the textile industry

DTA (Dewaele Technical Agency) is the link between machine builder and the textile industry.

Lieven Dewaele (DTA) 

Heat pumps and high-temperature heat demand

In order to make the heat demand more sustainable, the use of heat pumps is often looked at. However, the question is to what extent they can work cost-efficiently and whether they can also be used for the "high temperature heat demand".

Bernard De Jonghe (GEA)

Heat recovery and heat exchange

Johan Van Boel is an expert in techniques for the recovery of residual heat as well as heat exchange between companies. Johan's Team was also responsible for drawing up the heat zoning maps.

Johan Van Bael (VITO)


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This Masterclass is part of the Industry Partnership in which 16 Flemish innovation partners offer an integrated service to stimulate growth and innovation in the Flemish industry in the 3 following themes: Industry 4.0, Digitalisation & Sustainability. They do this under the leadership of Agoria and Sirris and with the support of the Agency for Innovation and Enterprise. 

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