iPhone-connected clothing that could monitor your health is being researched by Apple

Should Apple's invention come to pass, your clothing might keep tabs on your health and be the communications bridge between all of the Apple devices that you carry on your person.

A patent application from Apple published by the United States Patent and Trademark Office titled "Fabric with Embedded Electrical Components" describes how fabric-based items could be created, with the fabric itself being the connectivity method. 

While Apple does file numerous patents and applications on a weekly basis, they should be taken as guidance as to areas of Apple's interest, and not a guarantee that the company will be incorporating the concepts into future Apple products. 

 Apple could use the proposed technique in a number of ways, such as producing clothing that connects with its products, like a headband containing health tracking sensors, or a hat capable of playing music through built-in earphones. The application also suggests the use of displays and LEDs, which could lead to users being presented with information without needing to look at their mobile devices.