Centexbel - the scientific and technological research institute for the Belgian textile industry - and Sport Vlaanderen - the Flemish agency responsible for (elite) sport policy in Flanders organized the 2nd International Conference on Innovations in Sports Materials on November 19 & 20, 2019. 

Developing a method to determine whether and in which quantities genetically modified cotton is present in a textile product.
The biannual essenscia Innovation Award is the most prestigious price for industrial innovation in Belgium. With this competition essenscia aims to promote the many innovations in the Belgian industry and to encourage companies to invest even more in innovative and sustainable products and applications.
The Ecy-Twin project is an awareness-raising campaign that accompanies textile and woodworking companies in the field of eco-design and sustainable development, in the aim to market products or services with limited environmental impact that comply with the consumers' expectations.
The LIFE RECYSITE project aims to demonstrate recyclability and reuse of a new generation of high performance fibre-reinforced thermoset composites from renewable resources (bio-waste)
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