OVAM gave Centexbel, the Belgian textile research center, the assignment to map the 'hidden' flows of professional textiles. Based on the results of this research, a guideline was developed. This guideline wants to inspire and encourage producers, suppliers and users of professional textile to give the circular idea a boost!


practical guide summary of the research

OVAM circular professional textiles

Why focus on professional textile?

Professional textiles have several opportunities with regards to sustainability and circular economy. For example , the material flows/compositions are known and can be used to generate interesting raw materials after processing. Contrary to consumer-dependent (fashion) apparel, protective clothing, is still developed and/or manufactured in Europe. It is an economically important domain, in which multiple Flemish manufacturers play a prominent role. The significant involvement of the owners/final users (the company, the laundry, the linen hiring companies, public authorities, etc.) in the design of work clothes and protective clothing is an opportunity to develop new circular/sustainable professional textiles.