How do you make sure that no one can copy your product? How do you prove that you were the first with a certain idea? You will find quick answers to these questions via the new digital platform Create, Protect & Benefit.

Create, Protect & Benefit is an initiative of five partners from Belgium and the Netherlands: the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property (BOIP), the Netherlands Patent Office, the Belgian FPS Economy, VLAIO and Sowalfin.


Research revealed that

  • Less than 10% of SMEs have registered intellectual property rights
  • SMEs with a trademark, design and patent registration have, on average, up to 68% more turnover per employee
  • Only 5% of Dutch SMEs and 9% of Belgian SMEs have registered one or more intellectual property rights (trademark and design registrations and/or patents)

Recent Belgian research confirms the low number of companies with registered intellectual property rights: only 3% of Belgian companies registered an IP right in the period 2010-2019.  The positive effect of intellectual property on SME growth and productivity is also confirmed in that study. 


12 smart guides

On the digital platform Create, Protect & Benefit you will find 12 smart guides. These contain compact and clear answers to the most frequently asked questions about trade names, trademarks, patents, copyrights and more.


What are other SMEs doing with intellectual property? And how do they benefit from it? On Create, Protect & Benefit you will find inspiring examples.


Find out now how you can protect and profit from your intellectual property:

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