The European Inventor Award honours innovators whose technical and scientific skill contribute to progress, economic growth and improving our lives. The Award first took place in 2006 and has since become Europe's biggest innovation prize. Recently, the EPO reconnected with former finalists and winners for their views on trends in innovation and intellectual property, and a rare glimpse at cutting edge new research and inventions.

  1. The science behind vaccines: Rino Rappuoli
  2. The future of life science research: Hans Clevers
  3. Saving lives through invention: Ian Frazer
  4. Towards smart factories: Steve Lindsey
  5. Inside the mind of an inventor: Elmar Mock
  6. From HIV to coronavirus – a test to change the world: Helen Lee
  7. The future of RNA based research: Thomas Tuschl
  8. Minute change, massive impact: Luke Alphey
  9. Reach for the stars: Laurent Lestarquit, José Ángel Ávila Rodríguez and team
  10. The book of life: Jan van den Boogaart and Oliver Hayden
  11. Visionary: John Elvesjö and Mårten Skogö
  12. Conquering cancer with gene based testing: Laura van 't Veer

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