Functional Finishes for Textiles: Improving Comfort, Performance and Protection

Editor: Roshan Paul Woodhead Publishing Series in Textiles ISBN-13: 978-0857098399ISBN-10: 085709839X Release: October 24, 2014 "Functional finishes for textiles" reviews the most important fabric finishes in the textile industry. It discusses finishes designed to improve the comfort and other properties of fabrics, as well as finishes which protect the fabric or the wearer. Each chapter:
  • reviews the role of a finish, the mechanisms and chemistry behind the finish, types of finish and their methods of application, application to particular textiles, testing and future trends
  • describes finishes to improve comfort, performance, and protection of fabric or the wearer
  • examines the mechanisms and chemistry behind different types of finishes and their methods of application, testing and future trends
  • considers environmental issues concerning functional finishes

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