Washcot was founded in 2015 by Isabel Lambert and David Vandenbogaerde in the aim to set up a collect and delivery system for washable nappies. In order to guarantee a smoothly running service, they developed a washable, comfortable and good sealing nappy knicker. In the meantime, this innovative idea has been widely rewarded as "most promising startup" in the Kortrijk region, "Unizo starter of the year" in West Flanders, "Belofte (promise) Creative Entrepreneur 2015", "Womed Award" EastFlanders (Markant), winner of the SE'nSE fund of the King Baudoin Foundation.

On their website, Washcot describes their product/service as

Washcot, innovative, comfortable nappies for your baby, 'wrapped' in a unique service.  Make your child and yourself as happy as ... a child!

Washcot’s philisophy can be summarized as:

Maximum comfort to the child and offering young parents a valid alternative by offering an efficient delivery and collection service.

Patent number: EP3711727

Incontinence material is available in various forms. Both single-use nappies and reusable nappies are offered, also single-use underpants and reusable underpants. Single-use underpants are often made of the same material as single-use nappies but have a different shape. Single-use nappies and underpants have the disadvantage that they take a long time to decompose.

Reusable nappies and underpants offer an environmentally friendly alternative to single-use nappies and underpants. Like single-use nappies and underpants, reusable nappies and underpants need to fit comfortably and diminish leakage as much as possible.

Reusable nappies and underpants must also have a good absorption capacity. For this, absorbent materials may be attached to the nappy or underpants. It is essential that these absorbent materials, and the other materials from which the nappy or underpants are made, are washable.

Requirements to reusable nappy or underpants: comfortable fit, good absorption capacity and washability, there is room for good reusable incontinence material and ways of making this.

EP patent washcot

Excerpt from Patent EP 3 711 727 A1

Reusable incontinence material (100, 200, 300) having an inner side intended to be oriented towards the body of a wearer, and an outer side intended to be oriented away from the body of a wearer, the reusable incontinence material comprising a layered structure, the layered structure comprising a contact layer (110), a dispersion layer (120), at least one absorption layer (130), an impermeable layer (140), at least one or more middle stitchings (150) and side stitchings (160) ...

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