Record number Belgian patent applications

EPO (European Patent Office) has published the new statistics. In addition to an all-time high number of European patent applications, there is also a new record in Belgian patent applications. 

This is also noted by António Campinos, president of the EPO.

The solid, above-average increase in the number of patent applications in Belgium - for the second year in a row - demonstrates the strength of the broad R&D infrastructure.

EPO press release

IPR breakthrough digital technology

Digital technology is at the top of the list of submitted applications for the first time in more than ten years

The strong growth of digital communication (+19.6%) and information technology (+10.2%) set a new record: in 2019, EPO received a total of more than 181,000 applications, 4% more than in 2018. 

Other sectors that experienced strong growth in 2019 were transport (+6.6% compared to 2018); electrical machinery, equipment and energy (+5.5%); and pharmaceuticals (+4.4%).

The top five countries of origin of patent applications in 2019 are the United States, which represents 25% of all claims, followed by Germany (15%), Japan (12%), China (7%) and France (6%).

The number of patent applications from the EPO member countries is steadily increasing. Sweden tops the list (+8.0%).

Among the European countries with an average volume of applications, Spain experienced strong growth (+6.0%). Belgium (+3.2%), Austria (+2.6%) and Denmark (+0.8%) continue to float at a level almost comparable to that of 2018, while the number of patent applications from Finland fell again this year (-1.4%).

EPO press release