Windgo has been granted US patent number 10,376,423 for an invention that will provide Internet of Things (IoT) sensory and response communications to devices worn on human and animal bodies. Windgo, based in the US, has researched, developed, and produced variety of smart products and other intelligent product subsystems in the sensory and digital markets.

Many new wearable devices are envisioned to evolve from this new patent and Windgo is actively looking for commercialisation partners. A few of the examples in this patent family are smart bandages, diapers, and socks. Each of these items will be able to take relevant biological readings, communicate with a smart mobile device via IoT and provide a dynamic controlled response to the wearer’s body as instructed through a wireless mobile application. This new technology will allow expansive evolution for rapid development of devices that can monitor the body and report health status conditions to a remote device such as a mobile phone via wireless networks such as Bluetooth BLE, Wi-Fi, or RFID / nearfield communication (NFC), according to Windgo.

Smart diapers will allow health monitoring of bodily fluid and determination of content to report trending anomalous data to the parent or care provider. The smart diaper will be able to identify liquid conductivity, ammonia content, sugars, acidity, and other sensory data utilising Lab on a Chip technology. The Windgo Baby 1, 2, 3 application will allow parents and caregivers the ability to instantly be alerted to the contents of the diaper and determine actions to proactively mitigate problems. Actions can be programmed such as absorption modes, diaper rash minimisation, and scent compensation modes.