Grant fund of EUR 20 million helps SMEs to make the best use of their intellectual property!

The VUB carried out an independent market study on behalf of the NBN on the impact of standards on our economy.

The Centexbel lab in Grâce-Hollogne has installed a hyperspectral camera from IMEC.

Grâce-Hollogne, December 4, 2020 – Centexbel is the coordinator of RESERVIST, a Horizon 2020 project starting today. Together with the other European partners, we aim to repurpose manufacturing lines to respond to crisis needs.

Patented process to treat a marine or submarine textile material to prevent biofouling.

UGent Center for Microbial Ecology and Technology – Faculty of biosciences engineering - researchers study microbial communities & interactions to better understand and steer ecological processes to improve and enable biotechnological applications

Certain CMR substances that are present in clothing, accessories and other textiles coming into close contact with the human skin will be further restricted on the European market as of November 1, 2020. This may impact your business. How can Centexbel help you?

In the presence of Vice Minister-President and Flemish Minister of Economy, Innovation and Work Hilde Crevits, POM West Flanders, Centexbel, KU Leuven and PlastIQ officially opened the doors of the Circular Materials Center, the new training and research center for the plastics and textile sector, in Kortrijk on October 6th, 2020.

Washcot’s philisophy: maximum comfort to the child and providing a valid alternative to young parents by offering them an efficient delivery and collection service.

Centexbel-VKC, the Belgian competence centre of textiles and plastics, and the Belgian Quality Association (BQA) established a consortium PolyCert Europe in partnership with the industry associations ECRA, EuPC and ESWA.