14 October 2021 - World Standards Day: CEN TC 248/WG 39 ‘Circular Economy for textile products & the textile chain’ develops common rules for circularity, that avoid greenwashing and by creating a level playing field for all producers in the textile industry.

Centexbel filed a patent for the use of a biobased textile coating!

To encourage the next generation of inventors, the European Patent Office has now established the Young Inventors prize.

On August 24, 2021, the British Government announced an extension to the date ending recognition of the CE Mark in Great Britain.

June 2021: the EMFF funded project "BIOGEARS" finalized three prototypes of bio-based ropes, made from the yarns developed by project partner Centexbel.

In the context of the circular economy, there is a growing demand to recycle waste products containing bituminous products, not only clean production waste, but also used roofing products containing contaminated and degraded, aged bitumen and reinforcement parts.

How do you balance opportunity and risk? ISO 56002 enables creative collaboration to flourish.

Obstacles can be overcome by applying imagination, knowledge, and ingenuity.

Systemic framework for circular and sustainable floor coverings