Validation and commercialisation of improved solutions for rest systems from ALL4REST Project

The integrated solutions developed during the previous ALL4REST project (tactile/thermal comfort improvement, quantitative and qualitative evaluation of comfort or sleep quality) were based on new biofibres, the integration of thermoregulating systems, and on the use of new hotmelt adhesives, heatable textiles and microencapsulated scents for aromatherapy. The most promising results and solutions are now ready to be developed in several end-products that are likely to be well received by the market and suited for easy-to-scale manufacturing processes. The new project ALL4RESTgo2MARKET will validate and/or implement the following solutions:
  1. mattresses with thermoregulation performances
  2. pyjamas manufactured from biofibre-based knitted fabrics with a softer touch (including better skin benefits) than conventional materials
  3. bedclothes manufactured from biofibre-based yarns for enhanced touch/comfort or finished with PCMs.
As far, these products have only been manufactured on a small scale and evaluated on a limited range of process’ parameters. Therefore, the companies need to produce full solutions to develop all manufacturing processes, to provide a ‘full-pack’ of rest-enhancing elements to the end-users and a large variety of textile-based materials in order to upscale the processes (mattress manufacturing, knitting/weaving and fabric finishing) and to demonstrate that the manufacturing processes/concept can be extended to a variety of end-products, costumers and markets. More information and list of partners are included in the project's website The project is coordinated by Ecus, Spain Grant Agreement no: 605209 Funding Scheme: Research for SMEs. DEMO project
Project funding:
European Commission Research & Innovation