DIMETEX is part of an Interreg IV cross-border cooperation programme for the textile industry and regroups players from the Walloon Region of Belgium as well the Nord-Pas de Calais and Picardy Regions of France. The medical segment is one of the main segments to demonstrate many assets and a strong power of attraction for producers of technical textiles. Three areas of study have been identified in an effort to represent the major opportunities for the development of SMEs within the region. The aim of the DIMETEX project is to federate crossborder competence clusters and make use of these three high-potential areas. The programme aims at building a transversal biotextile cluster at a European level by setting up a network of actors in the field of healthcare and textiles that have been identified within the area. The programme also endeavours to increase the power of attraction of the cross-border region. Its main objective is to set up a minimum of seven research projects focused on the issues to be considered.
Project funding:
European Regional Development Fund - ERDF
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