Durable Biobased Plastics

Applications of biobased plastics in extrusion processes for durable end products

A successful transition of oil-based polymers to biopolymers demands that the (mechanical) properties of the latter can compete with those of synthetic polymers and that the stability of the products can be guaranteed over a longer period.

Objectives of the trajectory:

Assisting the extrusion companies during the transition from oil-based to renewable polymers while keeping an eye on:
  • the optimisation of the “processing conditions”
  • mapping the material specifications per application area
  • adapt and optimize polymer formulations, if needed
  • suitability between end product and biopolymer formulation
  • avoiding degradation processes under the influence of light, humidity, stress
  • expanding the expertise on innovating polymers and polymer combinations

Durbio publications

Ecodesign hulpmiddelen

With this publication we support the Flemish innovative industry by clarifying the terminology and trends in sustainable development and by providing the tool to integrate ecodesign into the process. Dutch edition: 60 euro.

Overzicht van Beschikbare, Hernieuwbare Polymeren

84 pages, Dutch: 80 euro.
Project funding:
Vlaams Agentschap voor innoveren en ondernemen