Standards on fire retardancy and flammability are becoming increasingly severe because of the high number of lethal casualties due to fire. It is therefore of vital importance to add flame retardant products to textiles. However, the use of fire-retardant additives is restricted because of two reasons: stricter European regulations on the use of chemicals (REACH and CLP) and stricter requirements in the field of eco-labels (European Ecolabel, Oeko-Tex® 100, etc.) The aim of this pre-standard research is to participate in the development of a test method to determine organic phosphor and organic halogen containing fire retardants and to disseminate the project results in CEN/TC 248 WG 26 EC "restricted substances". In this way it will contribute to the development of an international standard. The aim is to detect not only the forbidden fire retardants, but also permitted products. This is the only sure method to differentiate between both product groups.
Project funding:
FOD economie