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MDTex aims to create a cross-border French-Belgian cluster in the field of medical textiles. By combining their networks and competences, the partners will remove the borders between the "health" and "textiles" value chains in order to unite the necessary spear point expertise and technologies to develop products.

The cluster will promote the launching of projects and textile products for healthcare, by offering a meeting and exchange platform to project initiators, where they can complete consortia and create new opportunities. The infrastructure is particularly destined to create an open innovation framework where all actors may detect the appropriate expertise and project calls. Therefore, our cluster will function as an innovation facilitator and accelerator for the technology transfer to the industry.

Through MDTex we support the synergies and cooperation in the cross-border region on six central themes: implants, biological filtration, regenerative medicine, compression/bandages/prostheses, monitoring and therapy.

The general objective is threefold:

  1. identification of the key actors and their needs
  2. contacting complementary actors to generate new project themes
  3. supporting project themes to catalyze their realization.

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