Patecs is a CORNET-IWT project aimed at promoting adhesion in textile composite structures.


Sensors, integrated in textiles, are able to measure various parameters, such as vibrations, humidity and temperature. Thanks to this integration, smart textiles may be applied to protect construction works (buildings, embankments…) against damage in earthquake-prone zones or to protect trucks against burglaries. In order to have the users accept and implement these textile structures, their price, functional reliability and durability are essential criteria. Therefore, it is important that the sensor-textile substrate is treated with an excellent adhering and protective coating.


The technological challenge is to apply an excellent adhesive coating to the sensor-integrated textiles. This coating not only has to protect the structure against abrasion, but it also has to protect the textile-sensor structure against humidity and other influences, such as weather conditions, detergents, UV-radiation, etc. The adhesion between the coating and the hybrid structure of the sensor is crucial: indeed, it has to be strong enough to withstand a continuous strain.


The Patecs-project aims to improve the adhesion between the coating and the textile sensor by:
  • developing novel textile-sensor structures
  • optimising the adhesion between coating layer and sensor structure
  • applying an appropriate coating (on yarn and fabric level)

Funded by IWT [IWT 140814]

Project funding:
Vlaams Agentschap voor innoveren en ondernemen