Electroluminescent light bulbs (EL) and organic led (OLED) are efficient, thin and eco-friendly light sources. The existing systems are usually based on hard glass sheets. Flexible lamps on thin metal of plastic foils are being investigated. However, they only allow a bent shape or show a poor mechanical strength.


POLEOT aimes at printing EL and OLED onto electrically conductive textiles and especially prepared textile substrates. On these textiles, the active layers containing the functional EL or OLED elements will be applied. The whole will be enclosed in an encapsulation with an effective oxygen and moisture impermeabilty to guarentee the functioning and protection of the OLED light source. The performance and reliability of the different printing techniques, such as ink jet, screen printing and spray coating will be evaluated.


POLEOT will introduce several innovations on different levels, from the roll-to-roll production of EL/OLED, over the achievement of high flexibility in combination wtih mechanical strength to the development of large-size lamps. Companies participating in the project will have access to a knowledge and technology platform on the printing of light-emitting layers, the specific textile treatments and techniques to combine both. In concertation with the companies, we will develop several prototypes to demonstrate the advantages of this technique over the existing light-emitting systems in safety clothing, car interiors or publicity banners.
Project funding:
Vlaams Agentschap voor innoveren en ondernemen