Rapid deployable kits as seeds for self-recovery

Most humanitarian organisations use stand-by emergency response units (ERU), to meet the immediate needs of people hit by disaster. Each ERU has a specific function, e.g. medical care, sanitation, energy provision, or water supply. S(P)EEDKITS aims at speeding up the emergency response and at providing the seeds for future development.


S(p)eedkits will (re-)design emergency response kits through smart packaging and the introduction of new technological applications. We will source from a wide range of domains like coated textiles, information technology, material developments, tensile structures, mobile modules and debris transformation.


Current equipment solutions will be scanned and bottlenecks with respect to large volumes and/or heavy weight will be identified. Then, novel materials and concepts will be developed to drastically reduce the transportation volume and weight. Settlement kit modules will be designed for debris recuperation and re-use of damaged facilities.


The s(p)eedkits project will provide kits that can be pre-positioned and mobilized very quickly and easily. The kits will be modular and adaptable, low cost, high-tech in conception but user-friendly. These anticipated kits can literally improve the lives of millions of people during the crucial first hours, days and weeks after a major disaster, and will help speed up the longer term recovery. Project website S(P)EEDKITS has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement n° 284931
Project funding:
European Commission Research & Innovation