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The TEXTOS project will develop an innovative 3D-matrix for tissue technology to reconstruct, regenerate or replace the tissue structures of deficient organs. This matrix consists of carrier material produced from natural polymers made from crops.

The originality of the project is the production by means of knitting of a ready-to-use, biocompatible and porous sterilisable carrier material containing two components. This material will be composed of PLGA or poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) in the substrate (ensuring the medical functionality) and of chitosan as surface layer.

The realisation of this innovating product is a scientific and technical challenge on the crossroad of biotechnology and agrarian resources. The second challenge is the maturation of the product obtained by tissue technology. From the conception till the realisation, we will start from the assumption that it is an operational prototype that is validated under pre-operative circumstances. This is a major step to have the product valorised by the industry.

The research and development action points include the development of the PLGA yarns, the chitosan coating, knitting the textile 3D-matrix and its use for bone reconstruction.

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Knitted structure for tissu reconstruction

Textile structure for tissue regeneration

The communication action points that will be performed in common throughout the entire project include the use of different media to diffuse information, to organise events and to disseminate information to the companies.

This cross-border project offers unique opportunities to the partners because together they dispose of all competences needed to reinforce the bond between the research, industrial and medical worlds, to enhance their expertise and visibility.

In order to meet the challenge and objectives of the TEXTOS project, the consortium unites partners from complementary research fields, including biopolymer chemistry and their applications (CRITT and SPMC), tissue reconstruction and more in particular bone reconstructions (BIOS) and the textile industry with its different production processes (Centexbel).

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Total: 2 432 695,93 EUR

European Regional Development Fund: 1 216 347,95 EUR