The objective of the project is to develop an innovative portable multi-sensor device for the medical surveillance of hospitalized patients (continuous measurement of vital and non-vital parameters) that must be comfortable for the hospital patient as well as compatible with the hospital’s computer system in the Meuse-Rhine region.

The device will improve the capture, integration and processing of monitoring data by their direct connection to the hospital computer. At the same time the autonomy of the patient will be increased and his monitoring improved.

The sensor device will register and analyse medical data to assist the nursing team in taking the most adequate decision in favour of the patient.

The definitive specifications of the monitoring device will be the result of a co-creative process involving technology suppliers and users in a hospital environment.
Centexbel will develop several textile sensors that will meet the requirements of a hospital setting (intensive washing and disinfection cycles). Our team will also see to it that the sensor containing textile substrate that will be in contact with the patient's skin will be both comfortable and functional.

The goal is to develop a monitoring device that is validated / tested in a pertinent environment, in this case by carrying out tests on people in a hospital surrounding (the tests may be conducted on volunteers, healthy persons or a group of carefully selected patients) and for which all certification requirements have been taken into account.
This project only focuses on the development, testing and valorisation of the smart device. The commercialisation will take place when the project is closed.

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Total eligible costs: € 4.617.464,22

ERDF contribution: € 2.308.732,09