Vetex Belgium - specialized in textile coating and lamination for the medical, industrial, food, and other industries – developed and filed a patent for a new type of “marking element” to permanently label workwear, uniforms, sheets and/or towels in hotels, hospitals, retirement homes, factories, etc. These marking elements remain intact and attached to the textile even after several industrial and/or domestic washing cycles. 

The marking elements - consisting of a layered structure - have sufficient mechanical strength, are more comfortable to wear and can be applied faster and manufactured more easily.

20200407-patent news figure

A marking element (1), an adhesive layer (2), a reinforcement fabric (3) and a printable layer (4) which forms an outer surface that is thermal transfer printable and/or digital printable. The fabric (3) is embedded between the printable layer (4) and the adhesive layer (2), is porous with a thickness of at most 1000 µm and in that one or both of the above-mentioned layers (2, 4) extend at least partly through the fabric (3) in such a way that the said layers (2, 4) are in direct contact with each other and method for producing such a marking element (1).