Because of the growing concern about the availability and sustainability of raw materials for various manufacturing processes, research & Development of raw materials and energy sources based on renewable resources have become a priority in Europe. The aim of System4Green is to develop, implement and verify a method with systematic guidelines to select renewable raw materials for fibre-reinforced composites in car interior applications.

The System4Green methodology is based on the following steps:

    1. Investigating the performance of existing products and conducting environmental and economic analyses.
    2. Defining alternative products with renewable raw materials.
    3. Analysing processes for the development of products with upto 100 % renewable raw materials.
    4. Benchmarking the developed products with existing market products on performance and costs.
    5. Analysing environmental benefits of products with renewable raw materials using LCA tools.
    6. Performing a weighted analysis to select the best product using QFD tools.
    7. Developing a transfer plan to the industry.
    Project funding:
    Vlaams Agentschap voor innoveren en ondernemen