How to develop successful new or improved products and services based on the ideas of clients that will create value for the customer and guarantee your business success? The general goal of the project is to expand the User Centred Design methodology to a User Centred Value & Business Design methodology with only one single standard method and a minimal use of (external) guidance.

Concrete project goals:

  • Bridging the gap between design thinking and business thinking: by enabling a (more) multifunctional approach of the design process involving product developers, designers, innovation engineers as well as marketing and sales managers in product/service development (improvement).
  • Developing a design process combining desirability (is there a need?) and technicality with the economic feasibility (are there enough paying customers?).
  • Developing a new product service system during the design process allowing to redesign the way of selling, price setting and marketing.
It is expected that this renewed methodology will enhance the efficiency and effectivity of the product design process (10% less human hours, shorter lead time (30%) from idea to product) and that an improved valorisation will generate more and better innovations that can be sold at higher prices. IWT VIS-traject nr. 150240