TEXINOV (French industrial partner in the EU project Bioagrotex, coordinated by CENTEXBEL) and its new anti-insects net FILBIO PLA have been distinguished and got a “Silver SIVAL” (category “small equipment for gardening”), an award that represents 4 years of collaboration between manufacturers and scientists from 6 European countries as part of the European collaborative research project BIOAGROTEX for the use of natural fibers in the agricultural textiles manufacture. The reasons for this success? Nadège BOUCARD, Texinov’s R&D manager explains:

What innovations do FILBIO PLA nets offer in comparison with conventional anti-insect nets?

Nadège BOUCARD: Previous nets of FILBIO ® range of products already were an effective solution in crops protection against pests (pests insects or carrying virus) and weather conditions but the use of synthetic materials (made from oil resources) for these nets manufacture, made difficult and expensive their recycling process as this process needs synthetic materials and plant debris to be separated. FILBIO PLA innovation is first of all based on the replacement of these synthetic materials by renewable raw materials from plant origin, and more specifically by PLA (PolyLactic Acid) threads made of cornstarch or potatoes.

What benefits does this new composition bring?

Nadège BOUCARD: The use of bio-sourced materials such as PLA primarily offers many environmental perspectives, especially in terms of energy, carbon and water resources saving, since these new nets’ recycling is made by composting without washing before. The recycling process is also simplified and its costs reduced. The aim was also to answer the oil resources ‘exhaustion issue, and to offer an alternative to those resources which technologies are highly polluting. Moreover, FILBIO PLA, like the entire FILBIO range of MDB Texinov confirms our commitment to reduce pesticides and fungicides use to fight against insects.

And for users, what is the gain?

Nadège BOUCARD: Durability! Unlike polyamide or polypropylene nets, that should be changed every year (polyamide) or two years (polypropylene), FILBIO PLA warranties, thanks to a low UV degradation, a three year use which means that the net retained 50 % of its mechanical properties during these three years of use. High permeability is also one of their strong points as it ensures the crops’ aeration and irrigation, letting in air and water. Read more