The purpose of the Project is to ensure the ongoing innovation in the European Fashion-Tech sector by providing emerging talents with relevant competencies and know-how to enter the jobs market. Fashion-Tech means new products, processes, tools and professional figures that come about as a result of cross-disciplinary approaches. To keep up with this emerging field, there is an increasing urgency for organisations to adapt and advance collaborative practices, to find ways to integrate new technologies into fashion and design.

FTalliance takes the challenge, joining different realities into a multidisciplinary and intersectoral Project that combines companies’ technological, creative and market leadership with universities through theoretical and applied researches and experiences. Over the next three years, the Consortium will deliver a series of educational activities, from designing and piloting innovative mentoring formats for students to the development of a FashionTech Residency, embedding young talents in the companies’ innovation activities. The selected students will have the chance to develop concrete projects and products accessing coaching opportunities, innovation spaces, facilities and equipment provided by host companies.

In the long-term, the Project aims at increasing the relevance, quality and impactfulness of Fashion-tech innovations and also at enhancing the competitivity of the European Fashion system at a global level revamping the industry through innovative practices. In addition, the creation of a Fashion Academy by establishing a multidisciplinary and collaborative European network of Higher Education Institution aims at increasing better employability and preparation of students to the market needs.


FTalliance, a three-year (2020 – 2022) Knowledge Alliance Project co-founded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union aimed to facilitate the exchange and flow of knowledge within the Fashion-Tech sector to boost students’ employability and innovation potential.

The established alliance comprises partners from 6 Programme Countries:

12 full partners among which are

  • higher education institutions (Politecnico di Milano, ESTIA École Supérieure Des Technologies Industrielles Avancées, Högskolan i Borås, University of the Arts London - London College of Fashion, Technische Universiteit Delft)
  • research organisations (Centexbel)
  • and small, medium and big enterprises (Decathlon International, Grado Zero Innovation s.r.l., Pauline van Dongen, Pespow s.p.a., Stentle (M-Cube Group), We Love You Communication).

Along with the full partners, the Consortium will be supported by PVH Europe as associate partner.