The aim of the project “Blends 4 Innovation” is to broaden the research on intimate polymer blends in textiles and to demonstrate the value of polymer blends in the textile and composite markets. To this end, the use of polymer blends will be diversified to a larger range of polymer combinations and composition ratios. The interest in intimate polymer blends is growing fast. The opportunities have been confirmed by our recent research projects. The Cornet project “POMELAD” clearly showed that the use of PO blends generates an extended temperature range for melt adhesion applications while retaining the mechanical properties and processing conditions. The Cornet project “FIBRILTEX” examined blends of PP with PET and of PLA with PTT. After a short while it was already demonstrated that in the case of PP/PET (with PP as matrix) an important raise in E-modulus of the resulting composite material is obtained if appropriate processing conditions are applied. This is mainly the result of the formation of PET microfibrils in the PP matrix, which serve as reinforcement phase. The great potential of polymer blends together with these preliminary successes drives us to continue the research to fully exploit intimate polymer blends in textiles.
Project funding:
Vlaams Agentschap voor innoveren en ondernemen