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How can Centexbel help?

Please note that Centexbel is NOT a producer or retailer of face masks.

You can direct all your questions about the evaluation (testing and/or certification) of face masks against the coronavirus to:


Tests and/or certification by Centexbel

Centexbel evaluates certain types of surgical face masks, protective clothing and community masks and their raw materials against the penetration of viruses.

What are surgical or medical face masks?

  • medical device worn by doctors and nurses to protect the patient during care and treatment
  • worn by sick people to prevent them from infecting others
  • tested and evaluated according to EN 14683 (EU) or ASTM F2100 (USA) - offered by Centexbel 

What are protective masks or respirators?

  • personal protective equipment to protect the wearer from hazardous substances and dust
  •  worn mainly in professional settings
  • tested and certified according to EN 149 (FFP classification, EU) or NIOSH N95 (USA) – NOT offered by Centexbel

What are community masks?

  • face masks for civilians to protect each other
  • masks and their raw material (fabrics, filters)
    • tested according to NBN-DTD-S-65-001
    • certified by Centexbel: COVID-19 - Approved by Centexbel

What is protective clothing against infective agents?

  • mainly single-use coveralls worn to protect the wearer against bacteria and/or viruses 
  • protection against transmission by humidity, particles or aerosol
  • tested and certified according to EN 14126 (EU) – offered by Centexbel 

When and how to use masks?

If you have any questions about when and how to use a mask to protect yourself against the coronavirus, we are happy to refer you to dedicated webpage of the World Health Organization