In June 2021, the EMFF funded project "BIOGEARS" finalized three prototypes of bio-based ropes, made from the yarns developed by Centexbel (Belgium).

The bio-based ropes will provide an alternative to the widely available petrol-based (non-recyclable) commercial ropes.

Press release issued by Project Coordinator AZTI (Spain)


prototype ropes

The three bio-based ropes were manufactured by project partner ITSASKORDA (Spain) and contain bio-based materials.

biogears trial raft

The biogears are now being tested in mussel and seaweed Integrated Multi-Trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) setups in offshore and sheltered marine areas, including the AZTI experimental longline facilities (SE Bay of Biscay) and the AZTI experimental raft in Mutriku (Spain - see picture).

The trials started in July 2021 and will run through July 2022.

With this prototype and trials, BIOGEARS aims to bridge the current technological gaps and extend the potential use of sustainable materials in the sector. The project results support the creation of a bio-based value chain under the EU Bioeconomy Strategy framework.


The BIOGEARS project will run from 2019 – 2023 with an EU contribution of €945,000, funded by the European Union CINEA EMFF programme under the EMFF-0102018 Blue Labs call.