Anyone who wants to demonstrate the exact, tangible added value of standards for both the Belgian economy and individual organisations can now rely on new facts and figures. The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) carried out an independent market study on behalf of the NBN.

The main questions were:

What is the impact of standards on the Belgian economy?

What are the benefits of standards for companies and other organisations?

The market study is a first for our country. Researchers at the VUB developed an econometric model and linked it to both an extensive online survey and in-depth interviews with companies from different sectors. For the first time, this allows us to quantify the positive impact of standards on the Belgian economy.

Starting point for constructive debate at all levels

The evidence-based insights are not an end in themselves. On the contrary, the NBN wants to open a debate with business leaders, sector federations and policymakers. On the one hand on the added value of participation in standards development, and on the other hand on the use of standards and their benefits. Thanks to the resounding figures from the market study, the way has already been paved for speaking the same language from now on.

impact normen 2020

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