REIN4CED has developed and patented a brand new impact resistant composite material.

Brazil based company invented a method to treat textiles against formation of microorganisms that are responsible for bad odors.

In order to accelerate the transition to a circular economy, it is vital we speak with a common voice, using a common language and definitions that can be used by all.

This study reveals the leading role of European and US companies and research centres in the development of new plastics that are easier to recycle or compost and/or are made from non-fossil sources.

14 October 2021 - World Standards Day: CEN TC 248/WG 39 ‘Circular Economy for textile products & the textile chain’ develops common rules for circularity, that avoid greenwashing and by creating a level playing field for all producers in the textile industry.

Centexbel filed a patent for the use of a biobased textile coating!

To encourage the next generation of inventors, the European Patent Office has now established the Young Inventors prize.

On August 24, 2021, the British Government announced an extension to the date ending recognition of the CE Mark in Great Britain.