Aqueous fire-retardant composition and improved method to impart fire-retardancy to wood- and cellulose-based materials used in furniture and interior building construction.

Victor Dewulf and Peter Hedley have developed an AI-driven waste recognition and sorting system that waste processing facilities can use to quickly and accurately sort waste, ensuring that more of it is recycled.

Centexbel is proud to announce to have won the Techtextil Innovation award 2022 in the category “new approaches to sustainability & circular economy” with a breakthrough innovation in biobased coatings and inks.

Centexbel International Ltd received its first appointment as a UK Approved Body under Schedules 3 and 4 of the Merchant Shipping (Marine Equipment) Regulations 2016 as amended to assess the conformity of the product categories and for the modules as identified.

Ontex developed and patented an improved absorbent core for hygiene articles, such as diapers. The absorbent core comprises a foam layer incorporating a nonwoven containing superabsorbent polymers.

BOIP Trademark Alert is the online notification service for trademarks.

The invention relates to cycling clothing with improved safety and performance through improved cooling and/or improved aerodynamic resistance.

An econometric analysis carried out on behalf of the FPS Economy clearly shows the leverage effect of intellectual property rights (IPR). They stimulate not only internal performance but also the productivity of the companies that use them. In addition, they promote employment in these companies and have a positive effect on their own growth and that of Belgium.

How do you make sure that no one can copy your product? How do you prove that you were the first with a certain idea? You will find quick answers to these questions via the new digital platform Create, Protect & Benefit.

Device and method to improve the cleaning quality of face masks.