This patent describes a method to produce textile floor coverings, which can readily be recycled to reuse a large amount of the materials and internal/external waste streams in the production process of a new article.

Through its procurement policy, Flanders can be an important lever for the deployment of plastic recyclate. An OVAM study, conducted by Centexbel-VKC, provides proposals to promote the sales in nine building applications, including PVC window profiles, sun protection and insulation. These materials and products can be produced from plastic recyclate without loss of quality or technical objections.

Despite the pandemic, Belgian companies, universities and research institutions filed almost as many patent applications with the European Patent Office (EPO) in 2020 as they did in 2019.

Recticel invented and patented an improved method to recycle and reuse PUR materials.

From 1 March 2021, SMEs can apply for 50% of the fees for applying for trademarks and designs (valid in 2021 only!)

Patent news: Ontex has invented a substrate, absorbent article and method for wetness monitoring that can be easily incorporated in production lines, that saves time and money (childcare and elderly homes) and enhances comfort!

Duratex focused on the development of Eco-friendly water and oil repellent textiles for building and architectural applications. Research results are now published!

The European Commission has tasked VITO, eco-logic and CENTEXBEL to organize a study on the Technical, Regulatory, Economic and Environmental Effectiveness of Textile Fibres Recycling.

Launched on May 5th, the "Covid-19 approved by Centexbel" is being issued to an ever growing number of companies

The invention by Milliken & Co generally relates to creating magnetic scrims for easier processing for molding applications.