Carbon fibres can be brittle and disintegrate during compaction. To solve this problem and to improve their processability, we have developed a sizing formulation.

Indaver invented to an automated method for sorting foil from mixed plastic packaging waste.

UK extends acceptance of certain products meeting EU requirements and markings on the market in Great Britain for a further 2 years, until 31 December 2024.This intends to provide businesses with flexibility and choice on how to comply with product regulations.

Factories of the Future are companies that are fully committed to digitalisation, talent development, smart processes, sustainable products and world-class production. They handle energy and materials thoughtfully and encourage employee engagement, creativity and autonomy.

We are pleased to present to you the results and findings of our research.

The present invention relates to a processing machine for fibre plants, such as hemp or flax, and to a method for processing fibre plants with such a processing machine.

The invention relates to a loom and a method for weaving multilayer or tubular fabrics. The loom is arranged such that a shuttle for inserting a weft thread in between warp threads can operate a right and a left translation along two distinct lines.

The scope of 056-TEST is expanded to include testing in the context of "vehicle homologation" and "measurement technology linting."

Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities extends period of CE marking validity for construction products until 30 June 2025

Certain applications require a garment with a closure system that stays closed at all times during heavy duty, and that can be opened and closed without producing any sound.