Certain applications require a garment with a closure system that stays closed at all times during heavy duty, and that can be opened and closed without producing any sound.

For the sixth time, NBN organised its Thank You Event on Thanksgiving Day. At Bozar in Brussels, four Belgian experts and 1 NBN partner were given extra credit during this festive evening.

UK extends acceptance of certain products meeting EU requirements and markings on the market in Great Britain for a further 2 years, until 31 December 2024.This intends to provide businesses with flexibility and choice on how to comply with product regulations.

The invention solves the problems caused by the multitude of movable rods inside mould cavities.

The European Commission adopted the standardization request in support of the Medical Device Regulation (MDR) on April 14, 2021. It was accepted by the European standardization bodies, CEN and Cenelec on May 12, becoming fully applicable following the delivery of a joint work program on May 28, 2021.

Centexbel developed and incorporated 2 stress sensors into a smart garment. These prototypes are now submitted to clinical tests.

Almost four years into the project, we succeeded in developing different kinds of bio-based composites using four different processes. These materials are processed by similar techniques as conventional fossil-based composites, their mechanical properties are very promising and their environmental impact on the marine environment is lower than the one of conventional materials.

The invention relates to cleanroom coveralls with a reduced risk of contamination of the cleanroom environment, while the cleanroom coveralls are safe and/or comfortable to wear. The cleanroom coveralls have a well-controlled indoor environment that creates good and controlled working conditions for the user wearing the cleanroom coveralls.

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A rolled-up carpet is voluminous, heavy, long, and therefore almost impossible to handle by a single parcel deliverer. The elongated shape makes it difficult to arrange a rolled-up carpet among all the other parcels in a delivery van. As a result, the online sale of a carpet is practically not feasible, for it requires a specialized delivery service.