It came to our attention that falsified test reports on face masks are being distributed! When in doubt contact us immediately to verify the authenticity of the report in question.

In a common effort to face the coronavirus pandemic, the Commission, CEN and CENELEC have agreed to make a number of harmonized standards for important medical protective equipment like face masks and single-use gloves freely available to those companies that are willing to start producing these items.

Euratex created an internet platform for mask producers.

The need for face masks during this COVID-19 pandemic is enormous. People are encouraged to sew, 3D print, even crochet and knit face masks, from the - understandable - idea that you are better protected a little bit than not at all. But is it really?

The solid, above-average increase in the number of patent applications in Belgium - for the second year in a row - demonstrates the strength of the broad R&D infrastructure.

Newly developed medical face masks to secure the Belgian supply in the midst of the coronavirus disease COVID-19 crisis are now being tested with absolute priority in the Centexbel microbiological lab, one of the two certified labs in the world performing these tests.

"Do eat" developed home compostable & edible food recipients to decrease plastic wastes

Centexbel is not a producer of face masks. For all questions about the testing of masks, contact Mark Croes.

Op 19 februari 2020 reikten Agoria en Sirris samen met essenscia, Fedustria, Centexbel, Fevia Vlaanderen, Flanders’ FOOD en Catalisti de Factory of the Future Awards 2020 uit.

As recycling is key in the transition to a circular economy, Centexbel expands its lab equipment to characterize recyclates or to assess the recyclability of materials.