The CPSC ( CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY COMMISSION) accreditation of Centexbel has been renewed. The transition to ISO 17025: 2017 has been included.

Projecten indienen kan tot 30 oktober 2020 om middernacht. Er worden opnieuw 3 awards uitgereikt: twee concept awards die elk 5000 euro in cash zullen ontvangen en één take-off award ter waarde van 40.000 euro.

The FAMHP inspection services establish that surgical masks on offer do not include the necessary declarations, certificates and test reports in accordance with European or international standards. For this reason, an Alternative Test Protocol (ATP) has been developed that still allows use as surgical masks or comfort masks.

Vetex filed a patent for (the production process of) a reinforced, durable, yet more comfortable clothing label, resistant to many washing cycles.

Faced with the shortage of masks that our country is experiencing and in order to relieve the front-line healthcare staff from the coronavirus in the long term, the Government of Wallonia has set up a taskforce to find a rapid and local solution with a view to supplying masks to as many people as possible.

It came to our attention that falsified test reports on face masks are being distributed! When in doubt contact us immediately to verify the authenticity of the report in question.

In a common effort to face the coronavirus pandemic, the Commission, CEN and CENELEC have agreed to make a number of harmonized standards for important medical protective equipment like face masks and single-use gloves freely available to those companies that are willing to start producing these items.

Euratex created an internet platform for mask producers.

The need for face masks during this COVID-19 pandemic is enormous. People are encouraged to sew, 3D print, even crochet and knit face masks, from the - understandable - idea that you are better protected a little bit than not at all. But is it really?