We, at Centexbel, believe that Europe has a fascinating textile and plastic processing industry and we are proud to be part of it. Every single day we meet passionate people, we encounter great companies, we discover exciting technologies.

We care for our industry and firmly believe that by building and sharing knowledge and know-how and by engaging in close and deep collaborations we can contribute to a sustainable future for our companies.

This belief strengthens our ambition, defines our culture, shapes our organisation and motivates us to do the things we do. We aim at pushing the boundaries.

R&D for the industry of the future

By carrying out innovation-oriented research projects across the entire textile and polymer production chain, we reinforce the competitiveness and sustainability of Belgian and European companies.

Knowledge & Technology transfer

Our main objective is to transfer the scientific and technological knowledge we acquire into sustainable processes that can be easily implemented by the industry to manufacture and market high-end (niche) products, and to assure that the industry stays informed about innovative opportunities, changing legislations, reglementations and standards that are directly applicable to their core business.


Our most precious offer is quite intangible and highly immaterial. However, expert knowledge and advice is essential in running a production site and to create novelty materials and products.


Labels are either mandatory or applied on a voluntary basis, but they always aim at proving the compliance of products or services with a set of requirements (quality, safety, performance).

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Competence Centre for the plastic converting industry

VKC is the One-Stop-Shop for the plastic value chain providing an integrated offer in the field of material characterisation, troubleshooting, R&D and new applications of plastics, polymers, composites ...


  • Research & Development
  • Product Certification
  • Product analysis, material characterisation and testing
  • Dissemination of knowledge

It is our ambition to reach the European top in all these fields and to be a key player for the chemical-intensive polymer processing industry, a target group composed of the textile industry, the plastic converting industry, the coating and adhesive industries, etc.

Our strategy

Membership organisation

Joint membership

Centexbel is an institution recognised by the application of the Royal Decree of January 30th, 1947 (a.k.a. "Law De Groote"). Its mission is to promote research and technological development with the intention of enhancing the cost-effectiveness, quality and production capacity of the Belgian textile industry.


Associated membership

Companies or company groups with social seat within the EEA (European Economic Area) can become an associated member of Centexbel on the condition of payment of the annual membership contribution.

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An Apollo 13 challenge!

Find a way to decontaminate masks and use only the tools that are included in the WHO toolbox. Why ? Find a solution for shortage in protective material in low resource countries. On invitation of WHO, Centexbel and ULg participated in the challenge and became part of an international and incredible group of universities and research centers. read all about it


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