We, at Centexbel, believe that Europe has a fascinating textile and plastic processing industry and we are proud to be part of it. Every single day we meet passionate people, we encounter great companies, we discover exciting technologies.

We care for our industry and firmly believe that by building and sharing knowledge and know-how and by engaging in close and deep collaborations we can contribute to a sustainable future for our companies.

This belief strengthens our ambition, defines our culture, shapes our organization and motivates us to do the things we do. We aim at pushing the boundaries.

Our guiding principles

We place the companies at the centre of our attention and facilitate a close connection and intense contacts with companies of the textile, plastic converting and related industries in Europe and especially in Belgium: a relationship built on trust.

Our staff members are our most precious assets. We offer them space for creativity and a maximal responsibility.

We develop industrial knowledge that really matters, in fields related to technologies, processes, products and their application fields that are of could be useful to the textile and plastic converting industry.

We transfer our knowledge to as many European companies as possible, without distinction but in total respect of confidentially.

We are making use of public funding and therefore we are complying with the expectations of and directions set out by the funding authorities.

Key activities

Research and development in fields with a high added value, and more in particular in the melt processing of polymers, in coating and surface modification, composites, recycling, smart textiles, textile applications and material characterisation. Polymers, their additives and their processing are the common theme throughout our research activities.

Product certification and finding adequate solutions in an independent manner, within the regulatory boundaries, but in full understanding of the challenges with which companies are faced.

Assisting companies in analysing, characterising and testing of products by means of the most advanced instruments and based on our excellent knowledge of products and processes.Dissemination of knowledge, in particular by allowing companies to make use of research results in their specific business context.


It is our ambition to be one of Europe's best in the above mentioned fields. Moreover, as a technological centre, Centexbel aspires to hold a key position in the target group of the chemical intensive polymer processing industry. This target group includes the textile industry, the plastic converting industry, the coating industry, the adhesive industry and others.

Practical information


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