On March 14, 2024, Centexbel hosted the yearly Safety Gate event, the EU rapid alert system for hazardous non-food products, at our Zwijnaarde (Gent) location.

This event allowed us to highlight our expertise in product safety assessments across our physical, chemical, and burning behavior labs.

Our visitors were given a demonstration of the XRF screening for elemental chemical composition (Reach SVHC), tensile tension test for soft-filled toy accessories attachment (EN71-1), and burning behaviour of soft-filled toys (EN71-2).

We have developed our expertise and knowledge in this field over the past 30 years through research conducted by nearly 200 staff members and with the backing of authorities. We are proud to be the choice of 1500 companies each year.

Later in the day, EU Commissioner Didier Reynders presented the annual report on dangerous non-food products to the Safety Gate assembly and visited our facilities, showing a strong interest in our work and engaging with our laboratory staff and testing managers through insightful questions.

The European Commission has recorded the event and published two videos on its website

Press statement by European Commissioner Didier REYNDERS on annual report on dangerous non-food products (Safety Gate) and visit of the Centexbel Laboratory, Gent

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