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Prefabricated finished floor element, method for manufacturing a floor and floor obtained

Patent number: FR3127239
Date of publication: 2023-03-24

The invention relates to a prefabricated finished floor element (1), consisting of a panel made of a structural material (MS), comprising in its thickness erecting blocks (5) and reinforcements (6, 7), and at least one upper layer (14) made of structural materials. The raising blocks (5) form a grid and define between them a network of ribs (8, 9) extending in two intersecting directions (X, Y). The reinforcements (6, 7) are arranged in two parallel layers (10, 11) on either side of the raising blocks (5). They project from the edges (4) of the floor element (1) in order to ensure mechanical continuity with adjacent floor elements (1). A floor (20) is obtained by juxtaposing floor elements (1) separated from each other by a junction zone (ZJ) delimited by an integrated formwork spoiler (12), and by casting only in the junction zones (ZJ) a keying material (MC) with very high performance, in order to seal the said floor elements (1) together and to the load-bearing elements of a building, making it possible to produce a load-bearing structure for a building without a compression slab cast on site. 

patent alert mei 23-02

Printable modular floor tiles

Patent number: WO2023/033649
Date of publication: 2023-03-09
Inventors: Borgers Hans Marcel Martha, Fiolet Arnoud Frederik

The present invention generally relates to a floor tile (1) arranged for use as a construction element for the manufacture of a field such as a sports or playing field, the floor tile comprising a main face which is oriented upwards after manufacture of the field and is visible to users of the field, wherein the floor tile is a plastic floor tile and on the main face is provided with a graphic layer (5) which is arranged to provide marking lines, logos, graphics or coloring of the floor tile, the graphic layer comprising UV ink, as well as a protective coating (7) applied to the graphic layer, the protective coating comprising a two-component polyurethane coating provided with nonskid means, wherein the main face has been pre-treated by means of a corona treatment.

Loading floor element for forming a loading floor above a fluidization floor

Patent number: BE1029451
Date of publication: 2023-01-04
Applicant: GITRA
Inventor: Erik Adolf Paul Pauwels

A loading floor element (100) suitable for being moved into and out of a hold of a bulk vessel, comprising a floor plate (110) and a frame (120), the frame (120) being adapted to place the floor plate (110) above a fluidizing floor support the hold of the bulk vessel so that the floor plate at least partially covers the fluidizing floor and forms a loading floor above the fluidizing floor.

patent alert mei 23-04

Wood-concrete composite floor having a planar wood element, method for production of same, and constructions having such a wood-concrete composite floor

Patent number: WO2023/062238
Date of publication: 2023-04-20
Inventors : KÜNDIG, Christian, KREIS, Benjamin, KÜBLER, Wolfram

The invention relates to a wood-concrete composite floor having a planar wood element, by means of which spans can be achieved with little dependence on the relative inherent weight of the floor. The floor layer construction includes a wood layer, an insulating layer and a concrete layer (4). In one embodiment, the layer construction is interrupted by at least one bearing means (8), in that this bearing means traverses at least the concrete layer (4) and the insulating layer and extends downwards at least as far as the wood layer. This internal bearing means (8) can also be created in variants which project out of the composite layers. In a different embodiment, for a high level of soundproofing the floor comprises in its insulating layer two insulating materials of different densities, wherein the denser insulating material rests directly on the wood layer, and this is intended to act as a vibration damping means. In a further embodiment, the wood panels of the wood-concrete composite floor that form the planar wood element are pressed together in order to convey tensile forces therethrough. According to the invention, the efficiency during the production of wood-concrete composite floors having large spanned dimensions can be significantly increased. 

patent alert mei 23-05

Temporary walkway system with modular tiles interlocking in three-dimensions

Patent number: WO2023/034261
Date of publication: 2023-03-09

A modular tile for a walkway system interlocks with another tile to constrain movement of the interlocked tiles in all three-dimensions. The tile includes a male projection which may be tapered to provide lateral wings that are received in corresponding pockets of a female receiver of the other tile. The wings may include vertically-facing male stop surfaces that are engageable with vertically-facing female stop surfaces within the pockets. The male projection may further include a forwardly protruding ridge that is received in a corresponding groove of the female receiver of the other tile. The engagement of the stop surfaces of the wings and pockets, and the engagement of the ridge in the groove is such that the tiles are vertically interlocked with each other. The tiles may be configured to enable a pivotable interlocking connection while one tile remains on the ground.

patent alert mei 23-06

A carpet to recover kinetic energy and a method for utilizing this energy

Patent number: WO2023/025977
Date of publication: 2023-02-27
Applicant(s): JPTUF

The object of the invention is a carpet (10) to recover kinetic energy and if consists of at least one air cell (1 ) that has been set to compress when a load (K) affects it and to restore its original shape when the load ceases, at least one transfer channel (2), at least one over pressure valve (3) between each air cell (1) and some transfer channel (2) that has been set to release over pressure from the mentioned air cell into the mentioned transfer channel when the carpet 10 is loaded with a load (K) and the inside volume (V) of the air cell (1 ) gets smaller as the shape of the air cell changes by the effect of the mentioned load, at least one under pressure valve (4) located in each air cell ( 1 ) that has been set to let air into the under pressure state set air cell when the effect of the load (K) to the air cell (1) ceases or reduces and the inside volume (V) of the air cell expands or tends to expand in order to restore its original shape, and the transfer channel 2 of the carpet 10 has been connected directly or by a continuation channel 6 to a turbine (T) or other apparatus that uses air flow to utilize air flow (f, F).

patent alert mei 23-07

Carpet covering consisting of two layers

Patent number: DE202021003065
Date of publication: 2023-02-09
Applicant(s): FIOR FAMILIE
Inventor: /

Carpet, in particular for the interior of a sports facility, which comprises the following:- a first textile carrier material (2), which is formed as a flat piece,- a plurality of carpet fibres (1), which are fastened to the first textile carrier material (2),- an adhesive layer (4), wherein the first textile carrier material (2) is embedded within the adhesive layer (4) and the carpet fibres (1) project on a large-area side of the adhesive layer (4),- a second textile carrier material (3), and-an adhesive layer (5), wherein the second textile carrier material (3) is embedded within the adhesive layer (5) and the adhesive layer (5) is permanently attached directly to the large-area side of the adhesive layer (4) opposite the carpet fibers (1), and wherein the adhesive layer (5) can be fastened to a solid substrate in a detachable and non-slip manner.

patent alert mei 23-08

Outdoor special weather-resistant sports wood floor and construction method thereof

Patent number: WO2023/010322
Date of publication: 2023-02-09
Applicant: KOU YANFENG

An outdoor special weather-resistant sports wood floor and a construction method therefor. The outdoor special weather-resistant sports wood floor contains: a surface-layer floor and a support block; the support block is provided on the external ground; and the surface-layer floor is provided on the support block. Compared with existing solid-wood sports wood floors which can only be applied indoors, the present invention is not limited by the environment, can be used outdoors, has the characteristics of being free from wind, sunshine, rain, water immersion, high temperature, and severe cold, and has extremely high weather resistance; compared with outdoor existing ground sports materials such as rubber or plastic, the present invention has the advantages such as environmental protection, pressure resistance, impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, long service life, high elasticity, and strong shock absorption capability; the structure is simple, the assembly is convenient, maintenance costs are low, the connection is stable, and the surface-layer floor is not prone to delamination; and the present invention can also be assembled and used for multiple times, and has a certain movement function.