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UKCA : CPR System 3 - mise à jour

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UK CPR - Sous-traitance des essais par les laboratoires agréés au Royaume-Uni : mise à jour

Ce qui est important ici :

Les rapports d'essai à l'appui du marquage CE des produits de construction et émis par des organismes notifiés des États membres de l'UE continueront d'être acceptés au Royaume-Uni pendant une période définie
Lorsque cela ne sera plus autorisé, ces rapports d'essai devront être délivrés par des laboratoires d'essai agréés au Royaume-Uni, à moins que des dispositions alternatives ne soient confirmées par la DLUHC. 

Nous garderons un œil sur ce sujet afin de pouvoir avertir tout le monde dès qu'il y aura des changements.

Construction Products Regulation CPR (EU) no 305/2011

In order to guarantee the free trade of construction products, the European Commission has issued the Construction Products Regulation (EU) No 305/2011.

Wall coverings and wall-to-wall carpeting, laminate and resilient floor coverings are considered materials intended for construction and have to comply with the fundamental regulations during an economically relevant lifetime and provided regular maintenance is carried out.

The fundamental regulations include six aspects:

  • mechanical strength and stability
  • fire safety
  • hygiene, health and environment
  • safety of use
  • sound nuisance
  • energy savings and heat retention

Organisme Notifié #0493

EN 14041 Resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings
EN 15102 Wall coverings (roll and panel form products)

Champs d'application

Dans ce contexte, Centexbel offre des essais suivants:

  • CEN/TS 16516 Produits de construction: Évaluation de l'émission de substances dangereuses - Détermination des émissions dans l'air intérieur
  • EN ISO 11925-2 Essais de réaction au feu - Allumabilité de produits soumis à l'incidence directe de la flamme - Partie 2: Essai à l'aide d'une source à flamme unique 
  • EN ISO 9239-1 Essais de réaction au feu des revêtements de sol - Partie 1: Détermination du comportement au feu à l'aide d'une source de chaleur rayonnante

Selected testhouse of IGI

There is a common desire for some kind of assurance that the goods we buy are “safe”, not only for ourselves but for the environment as a whole.
IGI, the global wallcoverings association, is determined that rolls of wallcoverings should be governed by a system of control that will ensure they do not cause any problems for the consumer or the world at large. IGI has therefore established the ground rules for a quality assurance system that is applicable worldwide. IGI proposes to act as the monitoring body for the award of a distinctive symbol that can be used on rolls and packaging to indicate that the product conforms to these rules.

Product Categories:

  1. Wallpaper - simplex (including whites for subsequent decoration)
  2. Wallpaper - duplex (including whites for subsequent decoration)
  3. Solid Vinyl - paper-backed
  4. Solid Vinyl - other backing
  5. Blown Vinyl - chemically or mechanically embossed
  6. Textile Wallcoverings
  7. Woodchip
  8. Non Woven - direct printed or coated & printed
  9. Non Woven - backed solid vinyl
  10. Non Woven - backed blown vinyl

Rules of the IGI Quality Mark

A Company may be awarded the IGI Quality Mark if both conditions below are fulfilled:

  1. It has submitted a formal statement to IGI that its product conforms to the CEN Standards :
    • EN 233:1999
    • EN 234: 1996
    • EN 259-1: 2001
    • EN 266: 1991
  2. It has properly selected its sample to be tested in the appropriate category, submitted it to the IGI Secretariat for testing and approval as complying with the CEN tests listed above, plus other tests specified here by IGI

CEN Standards Definitions

EN 233: 1999: Wallcoverings in roll form – Specification for finished wallpapers, wall vinyls and plastic wallcoverings
EN 234: 1996: Wallcoverings in roll form – Specification for wallcoverings for subsequent decoration
EN 259-1:2001: Wallcoverings in roll form – Specification for heavy duty wallcoverings
EN 266:1991: Wallcoverings in roll form – Specification for textile wallcoverings

Composition Limits

A. Formaldehyde:

  • 12mg/100gr (≤ 0.05 ppm) of wallcovering measured in accordance with test C of EN 12149, using either the German modified WK1 Water Bottle Test.

B. Heavy Metals:

The migration of heavy metals measured in mg/kg of wallcovering in accordance with test A of EN 12149 shall not exceed the following values:

  • Antimony: 20 mg/kg    
  • Arsenic: 3 mg/kg    
  • Barium: 500 mg/kg    
  • Cadmium: 3 mg/kg    
  • Chromium (VI): 20 mg/kg    
  • Lead: 20 mg/kg    
  • Mercuty: 20 mg/kg    
  • Selenium: ≤10 mg/kg

C. Vinyl Chloride:

  • < 0.2 mg/kg of wallcovering measured in accordance with test B of EN 12149, using the German S35 LMBG 80.32-1 (EG).

Other Tests

Dry Tear Strength

Level: Minimum 450 mN when measured in both Machine Direction (MD) and Cross Direction (CD)
Test Method : ISO 1974:1990 – Determination of internal tearing resistance of paper.

National Indoor air emission limits

France requires wallcoverings to be labeled indicating formaldehyde and VOC emissions for new product from 1 January 2012 and existing product from 1 September 2013. Germany is expected to have similar requirements in 2014. Belgium is drafting a similar requirement (Operation date not known). If your product has been tested or self declared to comply with these national requirements this may be declared on the IGI Quality Mark Certificate.

Note : Reference to this clause will only appear on the IGI Quality Mark Certificate if compliance is claimed.

The IGI Quality Board will be the contact with the selected test house :

Technologiepark 7
BE 9052 Zwijnaarde - Belgium

IGI - the Global Wallcoverings Association

IGI is a world-wide not-for-profit organisation dedicated to increasing the ability of wallcovering industry members to solve their business problems by providing a forum for discussion, disseminating information, and representing the industry before government and standards bodies.
Founded in 1950 and headquartered in Belgium, the members of IGI represent the main players of the wallcovering industry - manufacturers and suppliers - active in the five continents of the world.
IGI is recognised as a valuable, comprehensive and authoritative information source on the wallcovering industry.


IGI Secretariat
Grensstraat 7
1831 Diegem - Belgium
Phone + 32 720 00 09
Fax + 32 720 02 10