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annual report 2019

Overview of the main activities, achievements, research results and initiatives, investments, and evolutions of Centexbel-VKC during 2019.

Centexbel maakt deel uit van een Waals consortium van drie bedrijven (Sterigenics, AMB Ecosteryl en Lasea), twee onderzoekscentra (Materia Nova en Centexbel) en het Universitair Ziekenhuis van Luik. Het wil overigens binnen de drie weken een ontsmettingslijn opzetten voor mondmaskers.


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Exoskeletons or robot suits for adults who, for example, have difficulty walking due to brain damage already exist. For children with a neurological disorder, these do not yet exist. The MOTION project should provide an answer to this, by developing an intelligent walking robot for children

Multilayered textile materials are everywhere. You may not have noticed, but their use has been growing over the past decade – from packaging materials to clothing, automotive parts to electronics. In many ways, they’re a technological marvel. But as yet, they’re unrecyclable – and that’s something

The consumption of poultry in Europe is both large, and growing. The production of bird meat produces vast quantities of waste feathers – a resource the KaRMA2020 project is finding new uses for.

The prestigious Global Bioplastics Award, presented annually at the end of the first day of the European Bioplastics conference, was won this year by Bio4Self, a consortium of research institutes and companies collaborating on a project to develop self-reinforced composites based on PLA fibres.

Appelleer. Ananasleer. Alternatieven voor leer schieten als paddenstoelen uit de grond – soms worden ze daar zelfs van gemaakt. Of er dan iets mis is met dierlijk leer? Hoe ziet het looiproces eruit en lijdt ons leefmilieu daaronder? Komt leer van dezelfde koeien die we opeten en waar we melk van

The coming ban on substances of high environmental concern used to provide water repellency to fabrics creates new challenges for the textile industry. Here we show that the design of the texture of woven fabrics is an important parameter to play with in order to achieve higher water repellency

Centexbel - the scientific and technological research institute for the Belgian textile industry - and Sport Vlaanderen - the Flemish agency responsible for (elite) sport policy in Flanders organized the 2nd International Conference on Innovations in Sports Materials on November 19 & 20, 2019. 

The conference „Textile Wearables in the World of IoT“ organized by Centexbel as part of the EU project SmartX in Liège on the 1st of October brought together industry innovators, technology providers, economic promoters as well as designers and creative labs to discuss current technologies and