Yarn extrusion

Monofilament line

Centexbel's filament extrusion lines and compounders for the production of

  • monofilaments
  • bicomponent yarns
  • tapes
  • BCF carpet yarns and flat CF and POY yarns

Plastic processing

plastic conversion platform

Centexbel-VKC's plastic processing platform includes

  • Compounders
  • Underwater pelletizer
  • Flat-die pelleting press compactor
  • Injection moulding 
  • Surface modification

Cast film extrusion line

cast film extrusion

Producing a multilayer film gives additional flexibility in the design of the film and its product properties. The multilayer film can also be applied directly to textiles as an extrusion coating.

3D Printing platform


The Centexbel-VKC 3D platform is composed of different types of 3D printers to cover different processing procedures departing from various types of of raw material: 

  • filaments
  • UV curable resins
  • direct granulate processing.

The platform is located in Kortrijk