The "Technical Textiles & Composites" (TT&C) group has two main lines of research, namely the development of technical textiles and composite materials. Our team consists of engineers with expertise in the fields of materials and processes for textiles and composites, mechanics and electronics.

Technical Textiles

Technical textiles cover many applications in our daily lives (filters, carpets, insulation, protective equipment, etc.) whether in the automotive industry, in buildings or in industrial equipment and installations.

Intelligent textiles are also part of our developments and are of interest to many sectors. 

Our team listens to you and looks for technical solutions to develop materials and processes that meet your needs. 

Composite materials

Composite materials have become an established competence in our department.

Composite is a multi-material, often composed of a resin matrix and a fibre reinforcement. The fibrous reinforcement, structured or unstructured, gives exceptional properties to the composite material to the point of being able to replace metallic parts. The result is either a loss of weight for the same mechanical strength, or a gain in mechanical strength for the same weight.

The multitude of existing materials, structures and processes, and the combinations of these, require expertise for the implementation that our team can provide you with.

Labs and Technological Platforms

Our research is supported by specialized laboratories (physics, chemistry, fire) and technological platforms.

The Textile & Composite platform is equipped with remarkable equipment for the prototyping of structured reinforcements (weaving, braiding, knitting, embroidery) as well as light RTM consolidation and vacuum infusion equipment. A 3D printer allows the prototyping of TP parts with continuous filament reinforcement in various materials. 

Our objectives

The objectives of our group are to support the manufacturing industry in search of innovative materials through the acquisition of new knowledge, theory and techniques in order to develop a know-how for our industry for the production of new performing and durable materials and the maintenance of their competitiveness.