What is the impact of REACH on your business? 
What are substances of high concern?
What is meant by Annex XVII?

Milieufacts interprets and informs!

Every month, the Centexbel and Fedustria Milieufacts offers you a series of interesting articles on the environment and environmental legislation specifically aimed at Flemish textile, plastics and textile care companies.

Every month, we collect up-to-date and relevant environment-related information such as environmental policy, water problems (water supply, discharge standards), air emissions and odour, hazardous substances (including REACH and GHS), energy, waste materials, recent environmental legislation,...

The articles deal with both new legislation and scientific insights and report on the results of study days and colloquia.
The uniqueness of Milieufacts is that we inform you very specifically about relevant environmental themes for the textile sector, among others. So you are not unnecessarily flooded with subjects that do not apply to your sector.

You will save some time while remaining perfectly up to date with all environmental regulations and new scientific insights that will help you run your business even more efficiently.

Milieufacts : an indispensable monthly magazine for you!

Leaflet 2024


  • 11 issues per year (monthly, 1 issue for July/August) 
  • start at any time of the year
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