This standards cell assists the sector of "Medical and assistive technologies". 

Textile products for hygienic, medical, cosmetic and assistive applications are a fast-growing market. Functionalising or adding additional (antibacterial, moisturising, barrier) properties to these products lends them significant added value.

Assistive technology refers to assistive technology devices for people who experience impairments, due to, for example, sensory, motor, cognitive, emotional or psychological problems.

In this fast-growing and innovative sector, existing standards are constantly being updated or new ones developed.

An important aspect is testing the conformity of these products with the medical and/or biocide directive.


Self- and third-party protection with dual-use products

Some products may be intended to be used both as a personal protective equipment and as a medical device. These products are thus serving a double purpose.

Products with a medical purpose in the patient environment are medical devices (MD), but as they may also be designed to provide protection to the user, they can fall into the definition of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Some examples of dual-use products: gloves, facemasks, glasses or goggles, hearing aids.