The standards cell "Technical Textiles" assists the sub-sector of technical textiles. This sector includes geotextiles (applied in road construction works, hydraulic engineering, drainage, and refuse dumps), agrotextiles and construction textiles (tensile structures). Other application fields are the industry (e.g. filtration cloths), sports fields (artificial turf) or technical clothing (protection, special corporate clothing). The latter field also resorts under the clothing sector.

In the field of standardisation, the sector of technical textiles is extremely subject to product specifications and legal regulations imposed by the different European Regulations (construction products, protective equipment, medical devices). These directives require that the manufacturers of these products substantiate their product claims, that the product does not endanger the public's safety and that the product itself has no harmful side-effects. Moreover, the product's properties need to be sufficiently durable and resistant to sometimes extreme conditions of use.