Quality, strength and resistance of textiles and plastics

The Centexbel-VKC physical testing labs house a vast lab equipment allowing our lab assistants to perform a wide variety of physical tests on fibres, yarns, fabrics, composites, plastics, garments and toys.

the physical testing laboratory in Gent performs the entire panoply of physical analyses, such as fastness to light, fastness to rubbing (wet and dry), elongation, tear resistance, burst resistance, dimensional stability, pilling and abrasion, seam slippage, next to resistance to ageing under the influence of light, humidity and heat, conductive and antistatic properties...

Centexbel also determines the air and water permeability and the water and/or oil repellent or absorbing properties of textiles, next to resistance to wear and slippage of carpets, the isolating properties of textiles (by means of IR images)...

The most important activities of the physical testing laboratory in Grâce-Hollogne are electric safety and comfort assessment of protective clothing for which Centexbel disposes of state-of-the-art test methods and equipment.

In Kortrijk we are testing the mechanical and physical properties of plastics.

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