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Guide to surface defects

on Injection Moulded Thermoplastics parts

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As both governments and customers push for sustainable and recyclable textile products, textile companies will have to change their linear business model to a circular one. The aim of the present work is to help these companies take action by providing an update of the state-of-the-art of textile

Following the developments in standardization for circular economy at the European level from CEN/CENELEC, we interviewed Dr. Karin Eufinger. From her role as Manager for Standards and Technical Regulations at Centexbel, she participates in the European CEN/TC 473 and the Belgian mirror commission

CircTex provided a proof-of-concept for fully recyclable workwear within the NWE region by developing technologies for large-scale processing of PET workwear, which was validated and demonstrated in a closed chain pilot.
2 different fabrics were used to produce PET workwear: 

  • A fabric of 100

This guide addresses all legal requirements, pitfalls and many more aspects related to the introduction of circular and sustainable textiles in public procurement tenders.

Detailed report on the washing tests carried out on recycled polyester fabrics within the CircTex project.

eco-design pco cover

This guide provides an introduction to many simple technical aspects of eco-design in the textile sector. Material selection, basic vocabulary, the basics of textile technology, and the main labels that cover the eco-performance of a product or its manufacturing process are, for example, covered in

Although Poly(lactic acid)/polycaprolactone (PLA/PCL) blends have been studied in literature, the deformation mechanism that is related to the toughness increment with respect to pure PLA has not been investigated in detail. The novelty of this work is to understand in depth the correlation between


On May 25, 2022, the Centexbel-VKC annual report 2022 has been presented at the General Board meeting that was held in the Filliers Gin Distillery in Deinze.

The report includes the main figures and highlights of the previous year and offers a comprehensive view of our research activities

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Met deze studie wil OVAM het huidig gebruik van post-consumer kunststofrecyclaten, afkomstig uit mechanische recyclage, in verschillende sectoren in kaart brengen (in Vlaanderen en daarbuiten) om productcategorieën te identificeren met mogelijk meer potentieel voor de inzet van recyclaat. Hiervoor

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The Innovaders set up research around collective challenges and help the companies in question to innovate. They join forces to make the Belgian industry more competitive. In the article, Chairman Jan Laperre and vice-chairmen Herman Derache and Olivier Vandooren explain what this means in practice