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Guide to surface defects

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Annual Report of our activities, achievements and investments in 2023.

In this article, Tom Michielsen discusses our Techtextil Award winning development, which could provide a breakthrough in the dismantling and recycling of end-of-life aircraft. Every year, around a thousand end-of-life aircraft end up in huge car parks around the world, waiting to be dismantled and

CISUTAC released a comprehensive report, developed by partners from RISE and Centexbel (with support from Wargön Innovation, Wageningen University, RREUSE, Texaid, AIMPLAS, TEXFOR, ACR+, EURATEX and Textile ETP), titled "Circular Transition Scenarios & Software for Post-Consumer Textile Waste

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Crises can be unpredictable and can take many different forms, so it is impossible to be fully prepared for every possible scenario. However, by learning from past crises and continually improving our response strategies, we can work to become more resilient and better equipped to handle future

As both governments and customers push for sustainable and recyclable textile products, textile companies will have to change their linear business model to a circular one. The aim of the present work is to help these companies take action by providing an update of the state-of-the-art of textile

Following the developments in standardization for circular economy at the European level from CEN/CENELEC, we interviewed Dr. Karin Eufinger. From her role as Manager for Standards and Technical Regulations at Centexbel, she participates in the European CEN/TC 473 and the Belgian mirror commission

CircTex provided a proof-of-concept for fully recyclable workwear within the NWE region by developing technologies for large-scale processing of PET workwear, which was validated and demonstrated in a closed chain pilot.
2 different fabrics were used to produce PET workwear: 

  • A fabric of 100

This guide addresses all legal requirements, pitfalls and many more aspects related to the introduction of circular and sustainable textiles in public procurement tenders.

Detailed report on the washing tests carried out on recycled polyester fabrics within the CircTex project.

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La vision de la Commission Européenne sur l’industrie textile et la nouvelle réglementation sur l’éco-conception mettent en évidence l’importance d’une prolongation de la durée de vie des produits et donc aussi celle de leur réparation. Elle amène logiquement à se poser certaines questions, aussi au