Centexbel - the scientific and technological research institute for the Belgian textile industry - and Sport Vlaanderen - the Flemish agency responsible for (elite) sport policy in Flanders organized the 2nd International Conference on Innovations in Sports Materials on November 19 & 20, 2019. 

The conference „Textile Wearables in the World of IoT“ organized by Centexbel as part of the EU project SmartX in Liège on the 1st of October brought together industry innovators, technology providers, economic promoters as well as designers and creative labs to discuss current technologies and

The development of new information technologies in the last decade is having a significant impact on our daily lives. People are connected at any time and at any place. However, this is not the end of the story. Scientists and technicians are now preparing the revolution of the Internet of things.

Nu de kringloopeconomie stilaan ingeburgerd geraakt, en dus ook het besef dat industrie- of consumptieafval eigenlijk geen afval is, maar net een rijkdom, wordt desalniettemin het transport ervan door elke Lidstaat nog steeds streng gereglementeerd. Afval van het type textiel wordt gezien als niet

De mix van vezels in onze kleding maakt het moeilijk om uit weggegooide kleding nieuwe kledingstukken te maken. Dat het toch mogelijk is, bewees het Interreg Project RETEX.

During the last months, the FIBFAB project consortium has been working on the optimization of the new compound properties to be used in clothing applications.

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Centexbel-VKC's priority is to support companies in finding very concrete technological solutions, to bring them into contact with new ideas and business models, to inform them about the use of product and test standards, about environmental legislation, about knowledge management related to the

After being rewarded with the International JEC Innovation Award for Sustainability on March 13, 2019, the BIO4SELF concept of a self-reinforced PLA composite material, developed in the European H2020 project, coordinated by Centexbel, now receives the TechTextil Innovation Award for Sustainability

With ‘Sustainability at Techtextil’ and ‘Sustainability at Texprocess’, Techtextil and Texprocess, to be held from 14 to 17 May 2019, will be showcasing the various approaches to sustainability amongst their respective exhibitors. An independent, international jury of experts in sustainability

In de bedrijfswereld en aanschurkende reclamewereld worden weinig woorden zo lichtzinnig gebruikt als'innovatie'en 'innoverend' .ln het programma van de Horizonverkenning 'Kledingtextiel' bij Centexbel op 28 maart 2019 verwezen drie titels van presentaties naar innovatie. Terecht?