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This article addresses the new tools and measures that are being installed to make an optimal use of the available water. French and Dutch article.

In het kader van de Europese “Green Deal” is het belangrijk dat kunststof gebaseerde bouwproducten met recyclaatinhoud worden toegepast. De bouw is immers het tweede belangrijkste toepassingsdomein voor kunststoffen in Europa. Diverse intrinsieke voordelen van polymeren verklaren het gebruik in

Despite continuous advances in municipal waste management, there are still several waste streams that offer limited opportunities for material recovery and thus end up in landfills and incineration plants. One of these challenging streams is bulky waste, defined by the URBANREC project as “(Mixed)

Bio-epoxy resins based on five epoxidized vegetable oils were formulated with an aromatic disulfide crosslinker with diacid functionality, 2,2′ -dithiodibenzoic acid (DTBA), to obtain recyclable epoxy thermosets. Flax fibres (FF) and PLA woven were used as bio-based reinforcements for these matrices

Environmental protection is a global concern – and the challenge is becoming more urgent every day. The public sector is one of the most important actors facing this challenge, as it can safeguard environmental matters, for example through legislation and regulation. This brochure gives the public

OVAM commissioned Centexbel, to conduct a study of the main ‘hidden’ professional textile chains. Using the results from this research, this guide aims to inspire producers and users of professional textiles and encourage them to include their textiles in the circular economy.

Le directeur de Centexbel, Centre de recherche collective spécialisé sur le textile et la plasturgie belge, est à l’initiative de la création d’une plateforme commune réunissant dix centres d’innovation et de recherche belges. Baptisée Innovaders, elle permet aux acteurs industriels de découvrir l

Antibacterial coating is an important strategy preventing bacterial colonization and biofilm formation. One-step synthesis of nanocapsule-containing antibacterial coatings with controlled release of Ag+ ions was achieved in the current work by aerosol-assisted atmospheric pressure plasma deposition

Environmental impacts and consumer concerns have necessitated the study of bio-based materials as alternatives to petrochemicals for packaging applications. The purpose of this review is to summarize synthetic and non-synthetic materials feasible for packaging and textile applications, routes of

In this article, different flexible thermoplastic elastomers, namely, thermoplastic polyurethanes and thermoplastic styrene block copolymers with a Shore hardness range of 67A–86A are tested as suitable printing materials by means of extrusion-based fused deposition modelling.