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Guide to surface defects

on Injection Moulded Thermoplastics parts

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The depletion of fossil resources and the growing demand for plastic waste reduction has put industries and academic researchers under pressure to develop increasingly sustainable packaging solutions that are both functional  and circularly designed. In this review, we provide an overview of the

A biobased healable 2K polyurethane (PU) coating incorporating a Schiff base was synthesized and applied as a thin coating on textiles. The Schiff base, made out of cystine and vanillin, contained reversible imine and disulfide bonds and was used as a chain extender in PU synthesis. The FT-IR

As part of the RESERVIST project, the Textile ETP organised a webinar in September 2022, gathering affected key stakeholders from the textile sector to share and discuss their experiences, challenges and insights. Attended by several textile SMEs, research and technology institutions and clusters

The goal of this study was to determine whether a bio-based self-reinforced polylactic acid (SRPLA) is suitable for use in structures deployed in the marine environment. The material was produced from co-mingled fibres with different melting points. Two key criteria, durability during service and

Textile innovations and technologies provide impetus for many branches of industry and promise market and sales success far beyond their own sector. 9 winners from 7 categories were honored on June 21, 2022, at the leading international trade fair for technical textiles and nonwovens Techtextil in

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Ce guide propose une introduction à plusieurs aspects techniques simples relatifs à l’éco-conception dans le secteur textile.

biogears logo on mussel rope

Aquaculture is an industry that creates economic growth, employment and economic stability, especially in rural areas and along coastal areas in Europe and the European Union is keen on large-scale expansion of aquaculture overall. The aim of the Biogears project is to develop durable, fit-for

Limiter son empreinte écologique en matière de production textile ? Voici l’un des nombreux défi s que s’est donné Centexbel, le centre scientifi que de l’industrie du Textile Belge, en accompagnant la stratégie ambitieuse développée et adoptée par la Wallonie en 2021: Circular Wallonia.

Vlaanderen Circulair en OVAM lanceerden tussen 2017 en 2021 vier projectoproepen om innovatieve en waardevolle circulaire economieprojecten te ondersteunen. Met de projecten willen we de theorie van de circulaire economie uittesten in de praktijk: wat werkt, wat werkt (nog) niet? Dat laat ons toe