The growth of the economy and of the world population (9 billion by 2050) will increase and accelerate the pressure on Earth's natural resources. If we continue to use these resources at the current pace, we will need the equivalent of more than two planets to meet our needs by 2050. 

Fierce competition in the world to exploit, procure and manage certain resources is resulting in shortage, price instability, loss of biodiversity, degradation of ecosystems and changes in the climate system.

Therefore it is necessary to change our production and consumption modes by using the earth's resources in a more sustainable manner and by reducing negative impacts on the environment. This calls for creating value with less material and a different (more conscious) consumption pattern. 

Which actions can mitigate the pressure on natural resources?

  • recycling and reuse of materials
  • replacement of critical resources by more efficient (renewable) ones with a lesser impact on the environment throughout their life cycle
  • extended useful life of products
  • increased reuse or exchange of products

Centexbel-VKC's actions for resource efficiency

Energy & material efficient production

The textile and plastic converting industries are rather complicated manufacturing industries because of their fragmented and heterogeneous nature, dominated by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Energy and materials are major cost factors for both sectors.

Since both commodities are still predominantly based on the exploitation and transformation of petroleum, a strategy towards a more efficient usage of resources is key.

This issue is central in our research and our platform activities.


Research & Development

Centexbel-VKC initiates and cooperates in several research projects on recycling and more importantly on the reuse of recylced materials in the creation of high-value products, funded by Horizon 2020, Cornet, Interreg, Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Plan Marshall 4.0, Greenwin...

Characterisation of recycled materials

Continuous investments ensure our capability to perform chemical and mechanical characterisations of virgin and recycled polymers

Certification of recycled materials/processes

Centexbel-VKC has developed - in collaboration with BQA - QA-CER, a certification procedure for recycled content

Information, seminars & international conferences

Topical and general information is spread through the Centexbel-VKC newsletter, during our frequently organised seminars and dedicated international conferences.

Video released by the EU on climate change