SNAPSCAN (high resolution) cameras are ideal tools for R&D lab research because of their high spatial and spectral resolutions, with a low acquisition time.

The 4 halogen lamps illuminate in a diffuse way the object to be analyzed (325 W), placed on a tripod. The tripod is static and positioned under the camera at about 70 cm.

A module moves the sensor inside the camera, so it is not necessary to move the camera in relation to the object. In addition, this technology is very compact: 9 x 9 x 15 cm (895 g). The hyperspectral camera collects the light reflected by the object in question and transfers the information to the computer, connected by a USB 3.0 cable. The real image and the reflectance are collected directly after the acquisition on the software (HSI studio).

Depending on the chemical nature and composition of the material, the spectral responses obtained are different. Therefore, objects of different chemical nature (e.g. PVC, PS, cotton) can be discriminated.


This camera is composed of an integrated image sensor (see picture). It consists of CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor) spectral filters on an InGaAs sensor.

imec camera

The imec snapscan system for hyperspectral imaging application research enables us to create high quality hypercube data-sets with unmatched signal-to-noise ratio and spatial and spectral resolution within as little as a few hundred’s of milliseconds.

The hyperspectral camera will be used for both R&D and testing purposes.

Technical features

  • spectral range : 1100-1650 nm
  • spectral resolution : 100+ bands
  • spatial resolution: up to 1200 x 640 px
  • cube acquisition time: 100 ms – 10 s (depending on the acquisition parameters)
  • optics: 25/50 mm lenses available
  • prefered sample dimensions  textiles/coating : 5X5 cm

The device has a high potential to 

  • discriminate different materials
  • detect inhomogeneities
  • determine the composition of textiles

Wide and varied applications field including

  • recycling & waste management
  • defect inspection
  • cosmetic research
screen imec

Hyperspectral imaging of black textile materials